Taking a look into the new CSR directive in the context of the European sustainability strategy

An EAACI review: Go green in health care and research. Practical suggestions for sustainability in clinical practice, laboratories, and scientific meetings

How to become a sustainable company with Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt – The Starlab Deep Dive #4

Q-rious show – Episode 2 | Working towards more sustainable research

Social Benefits of sustainability in a research context

Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt explains how the EcoMapping Method can be used to make your lab greener

Sustainability for the Life Sciences | SLAS EU 2022

“Grass paper: The Green Way to Produce Paper and Cardboards” (eppendorf SE)

“Measurement Methods for Laboratory Instruments”

“Digitalization in the lab – really a one-way towards more sustainability?”

IMB Green Seminar 2021 – “The Ecomapping Method – a practical approach to make your lab more sustainable”

BioM – Bioentrepreneur Summit 2021 – Practical solutions for a “green transition” in Life Sciences

SLAS 2021 – European Sample Management Symposium – Sustainability in the Lab

Sustainability day at the 1st smartlabconnects digital conference 2021 “Creating a sustainable Life Sciences culture and mindset”

The Starlab Deep Dive #4 – “How to become a sustainable company”

Future Labs Live 2021 – Participant in the Closing Keynote: “Embracing sustainable practices across the whole lab value chain – opportunities for business”

Achema Pulse 2021 – “How to work sustainable in labs – efficient, resource-saving and safe”

Grass Paper: The Green Way to Produce Paper and Cardboards

My Green Lab Virtual Summit 2021 – Panelist in the “Ask Me Anything Panel Discussion – Global Perspectives and Motivations for Going Green”

Young Researcher Days 2021 – Roscoff Biological Station “Plastic uses in our research”

Winter Sustainability Meeting – Towards Greener Research Network, Uppsala University, 2021 “The Ecomapping Method – a practical approach to make your lab more sustainable”

“Grass paper: The green way to produce paper and cardboards”

“Digitalization in the Lab – Really a One-Way Towards More Sustainability?” (Whitepaper, eppendorf SE)

“How can I improve Sustainability in My Lab?” (Whitepaper, eppendorf SE)

“Measurement Methods for Laboratory Instruments” (Whitepaper, eppendorf SE)

Panel Discussion on Sustainability in the lab – Wiley Analytical Science Conference 2020

Virtual Workshop “Sustainable Lab” on the Max Planck Sustainability Network Meeting 2020

SLAS Webinar: “Sustainability in the Lab” 2020

Chemical Recycling of Plastics – the Alternative to other Recycling Methods?

“Chemical recycling of plastics – the alternative to other recycling methods”

“Tackling Waste: 5 Steps to less plastic waste in the lab“

„International Freezer Challenge: Who Saves the Most?“ (Laborpraxis worldwide)

„What does green chromatography yield?“ (Laborpraxis worldwide 02/2017)

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